Nature + Art = Joy + Resilience

Earth is speaking to us and more and more people are awakening each day to her messages.  The evidence of a whole new earth culture rising is visible in all the efforts towards sustainability and righting our relationship with nature.  At the same time, dire messages out there about ecological collapse cause despair and a … Continue reading Nature + Art = Joy + Resilience

Climate Action 2.0: Divestment

Let’s face it: changing light bulbs and recycling are not working. It’s just not enough. We continue to blast more and more carbon into the atmosphere each year. Scientists tell us the safe limit for carbon in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million. We’re at 392 parts per million and the upward march continues. … Continue reading Climate Action 2.0: Divestment

Unplugging from the Empire

In these stressful days filled with all manner of ecological and social turmoil, it is helpful to be reminded of a few ways that we can support ourselves. These words of wisdom come to us from the growing field of ecotherapy: From the article "If you are discouraged, try unplugging" by Linda Buzzell in Huffington … Continue reading Unplugging from the Empire