“Visions of the Unknown” Art Exhibition

I am pleased to have two paintings "Emergence" and "Queendom Come" included in this beautiful new art exhibition presented by MONAT Gallery in Madrid, Spain. Press Release from the gallery: MONAT Gallery is pleased to present the Visions from the Unknown exhibition, an important collective exhibition featuring different international artists. Focusing on their most recent … Continue reading “Visions of the Unknown” Art Exhibition

As seen in House and Garden…

It's the thing I have loved the most about my painting practice: the surprises that show up on the canvas. Since my art is intuitive and based in a process painting type methodology, I may start off with an idea but usually more of an emotion that I am invoking on the canvas... I allow … Continue reading As seen in House and Garden…

On Character (Spoiler Alert: Chef’s Table BBQ on Netflix)

I’ve been thinking about character.  Something the Australian Tyson Yunkaporta wrote in his book Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World sticks with me as a truth.  He wrote:  “As usual, I seek the most insightful knowledge in the most marginalized point of view.” Yes.  The most insightful knowledge can be expressed by … Continue reading On Character (Spoiler Alert: Chef’s Table BBQ on Netflix)

Nature + Art = Joy + Resilience

Earth is speaking to us and more and more people are awakening each day to her messages.  The evidence of a whole new earth culture rising is visible in all the efforts towards sustainability and righting our relationship with nature.  At the same time, dire messages out there about ecological collapse cause despair and a … Continue reading Nature + Art = Joy + Resilience

In Search of the Mountain Witch

Sometimes you try to keep things a secret but the Universe has other plans. Over the past few months, while working on a novel set in my birthplace of Jamaica and weaving in some ancestry stories, I created a character out of my imagination. This character was a woman who loved birds and had a room full of birds... (Read more by clicking on title)

‘Coven Up’ and 7 other things a Newbie learned at AWP

When the largest literary festival dropped into town last week it seemed ridiculous to not go. I was a newbie to the AWP Conference and Book Fair though I had heard about the Association of Writers and Writing Programs since my days in undergrad. I wasn’t quite prepared energetically to mingle with the reportedly 15,000 … Continue reading ‘Coven Up’ and 7 other things a Newbie learned at AWP

A Wild Woman Sacred Art Workshop

Why do I love working with the Wild Woman Archetype?  Because connecting with this archetype is so powerful.  She is the archetype that bridges the cosmic creative force of the universe and the planetary creative force of the earth.   She helps us to take the energies of heaven and earth, embody it in our wombs, … Continue reading A Wild Woman Sacred Art Workshop