Energy Medicine/Coaching

Energy Medicine/Spiritual Guidance coaching sessions (by phone):

In my energy medicine and spiritual coaching sessions, I support your psycho-spiritual journey with shamanic healing and heart-centered psycho-spiritual processes that liberate and empower you to move forward.  Listening for those places where your wisdom is present I help you discover new perspectives to illuminate your spiritual life path.Photo by Erica J Mitchell


Testimonials on Energy Medicine Coaching Work:

“Kathy’s welcoming spirit made me feel at ease right away. I felt even more comfortable as she explained the process that she was going to use.The energy work that she did gave me a profound experience of stepping into my power. Afterwards she helped me to ground that experience in the here and now. Connecting the spirit and human world is important to me and I loved how she did that so fluidly.”

— SC, Portland

“I have experienced working with Kathy now over the course of three sessions, and have found her to be a very skilled and compassionate practitioner. I sought her help as I was in the process of doing ongoing work in opening up my creative expression and addressing the things that have been holding me back. She has a way of helping you to get clarity at the beginning of each session on the issue at hand.

I particularly appreciated the understanding and wisdom that she brought to each session. I also liked that she gave me specific recommendations to follow after the session to better integrate the healing into my life going forward. I recommend Kathy highly as a wise, compassionate healer.”

— D.D., Portland

“I worked with Kathy several times over two months. I found the shamanic energy work transformed the issue that I was facing and allowed me to finally feel at peace with an issue that had been emotionally challenging for several years. The energy medicine work opened me up in ways that no  other healing modality has done. I am grateful for Kathy’s skillful expertise and caring manner.”

— P.R., Portland

“Kathy is an amazing healer. If you want to change the projectile of your life, I highly recommend you see her.”

— B.B., Portland


Kathy Stanley Qualifications:

M.A. in Women’s Spirituality with Specializations at the Master’s Level in Spiritual Guidance and Creative Expression, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Certification in Shamanic Energy Medicine, The Four Winds Society

Adjunct Faculty, School of Undergraduate Studies, Sofia University

Certified Art of Allowing Facilitator, Art of Allowing Academy

B.A. Creative Writing and English Literature, Marylhurst University

Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Marylhurst University

Minister, Corelight Ministerial Training Program, Corelight

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