In Search of the Mountain Witch

Sometimes you try to keep things a secret but the Universe has other plans. Over the past few months, while working on a novel set in my birthplace of Jamaica and weaving in some ancestry stories, I created a character out of my imagination. This character was a woman who loved birds and had a room full of birds... (Read more by clicking on title)

Between the Paws of the Sphinx: A Solar Eclipse Story

The email invitation to go to Egypt for the solar eclipse in August 1999 hit me in the belly like a lightning bolt. It was one of those rare times in my life when I just knew I had to drop everything and, come hell or high water, follow that thread that pulled me forward from the future. I had to trust that I would be supported to go there.

When Silence Speaks

He is sitting with his arms crossed looking off into the distance. His cream colored long coat and shawl drawn up tight against his shoulders and neck. It must be cold. His gaze is soft yet strong. His brow furrowed with slight wrinkles. He is balding by then, his hair thinning yet still long in curls against his chest. I see him in profile only, the photograph of him taken outdoors in golden light, a clump of autumn foliage against him. Atop his mountain. Silent. Silent for decades. And yet, what he did with that silence is a masterclass in speaking volumes about creating peace in the world.

RIP Barbara Marx Hubbard

I am hearing the news that a great woman, a great visionary woman whom I had the privilege of meeting has passed.. Rest in Power Barbara Marx Hubbard. I met Barbara Marx Hubbard back in 1997 in Sedona at a Women of Vision Conference. She was an inspiring visionary leader who tirelessly promoted a message … Continue reading RIP Barbara Marx Hubbard

‘Coven Up’ and 7 other things a Newbie learned at AWP

When the largest literary festival dropped into town last week it seemed ridiculous to not go. I was a newbie to the AWP Conference and Book Fair though I had heard about the Association of Writers and Writing Programs since my days in undergrad. I wasn’t quite prepared energetically to mingle with the reportedly 15,000 … Continue reading ‘Coven Up’ and 7 other things a Newbie learned at AWP