“Visions of the Unknown” Art Exhibition

I am pleased to have two paintings “Emergence” and “Queendom Come” included in this beautiful new art exhibition presented by MONAT Gallery in Madrid, Spain.

Press Release from the gallery:

MONAT Gallery is pleased to present the Visions from the Unknown exhibition, an important collective exhibition featuring different international artists. Focusing on their most recent works, the exhibition runs from April 13th to May 13th, 2022, presenting a unique experience at the Gallery.

The selected works seem to accompany us in the continuous flow of life and the seasons, reflecting in abstract and shaded images like twilight vapors, a spread of light and joyful colors or furrows of darker colors to highlight a slow but inexorable passage of time. Scanning the depths of our inner self to let all our knowledge and creativity emerge from the depths of the unconscious. These works therefore represent a fascinating journey into the ethics of nature in which the dreams of the past foreshadow the fascination of future dreams and where allure for life transforms into poetry.

Through the power of abstraction, the Visions from the Unknown exhibition holds an intimate space in where to honor life, nature and human connection, realizing the importance of what’s dear to our heart.

Kathy Stanley paintings: “Emergence” and “Queendom Come” in MONAT Gallery exhibition “Visions from the Unknown” Madrid, Spain April/May 2022.

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