New Art Exhibition: ‘Love My Body’ in Milan, Italy and Virtual

I am so thrilled to have been invited into an international art exhibition curated by M.A.D.S. Milano Art Gallery in Milan Italy. The exhibition is titled “Love My Body” and here is the critical review of my work in the catalogue for the exhibition as reviewed by Art Curator Alessia Perone:

“The artist Kathy Stanley shows at the exhibition “Love my Body” three works (“Emergence”, “Freedom”, “Shaman Queen”) in which the epicenter turns out to be the “visionary art”. Her paintings focus on thoughts and sensations that stimulate the observer’s optical perceptual process; her works are true celebrations of Mother Earth, woman and her benevolent feminine spirit, invoking joy and vitality. After several years of study, Kathy has developed her personal style, and above all, her artistic and aesthetic conception, focusing on spirituality, as well as on creative and imaginative expression in her works. She has managed to find a magical connection between painting and the pure feminine essence: this is clearly visible in her extremely beautiful works, where the characters emerge from the backgrounds with a peaceful, relaxed and fulfilled aura. Her method is certainly a new, meditative and innovative one, capable of placing art at the center of numerous mental and sensory processes. Just as in the work entitled “Emergence”, in which the artist manages to emphasize the emergence of a woman not only from the animal placed in the background, but also from the canvas, as if she were about to embrace the observer, inviting him to actively participate in her liberation and evolution. The phoenix has a pivotal role in the painting: symbol of rebirth, youth and purity, rising from the ashes to begin a new cycle of life. The element of fire is linked to this bird: in fact, its presence is clearly visible in the work, but through different colors such as petrol blue and gold, shades that recall the royalty of the phoenix. The woman then emerges from the flames, full of hope and brightness. While in “Freedom” the strong existential bond between man and nature is absolutely tangible. The young woman is meditating in a quiet tropical landscape, as if she was born directly from the earth. Moreover, she blends completely with the surrounding atmosphere: her relaxed face recalls the chromatic nuances of the background, while the rest of her body has nuances of the ground from which she was emerged. The artist wants to help the observer to love nature, to deeply look up at it for its protection. Finally, in the painting “Shaman Queen” the feminine essence is being invoked, as the woman brings peace and purification to all human beings. She is a bridge between spiritual and earthly energies, a channel of the divine will and the forces of nature that she makes available to humanity through love and understanding. The artist represents the woman as if she were in a state of trance, as if she were making a journey into her own introspection, until she reaches her own soul, purifying it from evil. Only in this way she can be free and protected from the spirits, in order to heal others as well. In this canvas the details are crucial to better understand this  character: from the wide tunic almost damask to the large crown on the head, open in that starry sky, which is projected to infinity. The colors recall green of nature and blue of the night. Through these three works, Kathy Stanley takes the observer on a journey through art, imagination and spirituality, giving rise to a unique and inimitable experience.” -Art Curator Alessia Perone

View the full exhibit on the website: M.A.D.S. Milano Art Gallery. A short video of my three paintings in the exhibition are shown below with Art Curator Alessia Perone:

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