Nature + Art = Joy + Resilience

Earth is speaking to us and more and more people are awakening each day to her messages.  The evidence of a whole new earth culture rising is visible in all the efforts towards sustainability and righting our relationship with nature.  At the same time, dire messages out there about ecological collapse cause despair and a sense of helplessness in many people.  What can we do? How can we support ourselves and others through this time? I am excited to offer a new online class, in collaboration with my friends at CoreLight, which provides an opportunity to strengthen our hope and resilience and create a vision for the new world.

I call it Earth Shakti Rising: Journey to the Ecological Self and in the class we will deepen our practice of listening to the voice of the earth through nature practices, art, and ritual to widen into a larger sense of our ‘ecological self.’  The ‘ecological self’ is a term referring to our inter-connectedness to the natural world. Turns out Earth herself is our greatest guide through these times! My experience through my own many years of working in ecopsychology is that by aligning ourselves with her, deepening our relationship with her, we strengthen ourselves to work on her behalf.   Nature + Art = Joy + Resilience! Join us in cultivating your own sacred relationship with Earth and together we will build strategies for creating joy, hope, resilience and a vision of the world you want to see.  This is Earth-based self-care! View my promo video for the class here:    

Full Brochure for Earth Shakti Rising

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