RIP Barbara Marx Hubbard

I am hearing the news that a great woman, a great visionary woman whom I had the privilege of meeting has passed.. Rest in Power Barbara Marx Hubbard. I met Barbara Marx Hubbard back in 1997 in Sedona at a Women of Vision Conference. She was an inspiring visionary leader who tirelessly promoted a message of hope and humanity’s evolutionary potential. While at the conference back then I said I was going to go for a hike…she and her sister Patricia Ellsberg and several other women joined me for a hike in Boynton Canyon where we sat in circle and had a soulful ritual.. it was one of my all time favorite moments. .. thank you for your inspiring vision and message and leadership dear Sister… So grateful for your life and your mission… In picture is Barbara Marx Hubbard on the left, Patricia in middle and me on the right.

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