A Wild Woman Sacred Art Workshop

Why do I love working with the Wild Woman Archetype?  Because connecting with this archetype is so powerful.  She is the archetype that bridges the cosmic creative force of the universe and the planetary creative force of the earth.   She helps us to take the energies of heaven and earth, embody it in our wombs, our creative apex, and give birth to new inventions, to birth new people, birth new businesses… bring all of our inspired energies into form.  The Wild Woman is an alchemist. She turns lead into gold.  She is the magician, creating matter out of nothing.  She is the healer, releasing what no longer serves us into something that can free us.  

The Wild Woman carries the bundles for healing; she carries the medicine for all things. She carries stories and dreams and words and songs and signs and symbols. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I have been working with this archetype, this pattern in nature, for several decades and even though I have studied many different modalities and traditions, I always gravitate back to the Wild Woman.  I invite you to this sacred art journey workshop to connect more deeply with your own wild woman essence.  Free her! She is needed in the world!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2019:   2 – 5 p.m.  $45 New Renaissance Bookstore Event Center 1338 NW 23RD AVE, PORTLAND  Call 503-224-4929 TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT

In this intuitive sacred art class (mixed-media), participants are invited to honor and bring their sacred Wild Woman selves into greater outer expression. The workshop includes a guided journey to connect with your inner wild woman to receive symbols or messages that will be beneficial for cultivating relationship with this soulful aspect of self that supports women in healing, bringing forward their gifts in the world and actualizing their dreams. No art experience necessary!  Bring a journal. All art supplies will be provided.

Facilitator:  Kathy Stanley, MA is a visionary artist, educator and energy medicine practitioner with a background in ecopsychology and women’s spirituality. She is a Certified Art of Allowing Facilitator, an intuitive art method that inspires joyful connection with the inner feminine essence. 

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