The Inner Critic Wants Something

A year ago I made a commitment to just show up each morning and paint before anything else. Why did I do that?  It was an act of surrender. Surrender to the realization that painting, more than anything else I did, moved my energy and gave me a sense of freedom and garden pic_KStanleyDWyte

Painting teaches me that everything in the painting experience is a metaphor for life.  Each time I think I made a “mistake” it becomes an opportunity for something richer and more beautiful to emerge.  One of the biggest gifts in the painting experience has been working with the ever-present inner critic.

The critic. Ugh. (I hear you). But it’s just a feature of being human. It can de-rail us or we can navigate, tame and work with it so it’s not in the driver seat.

My tip? Journaling what the critic is not wanting to happen for me, and what it does want for me, helps me to get beneath the surface.

One thing I learned years ago and believe strongly is that “no part of us is trying to sabotage us…”  Many times I have found that my critic is just trying to keep me safe… Once I bring a sense of interested curiosity and presence, to listen to what it is wanting, and what it is not wanting, then I can dialogue with it.  I can assure it that I hear it, so it can come along for the ride, but not be in the driver seat.

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