Starry Creatrix

13 years ago today I moved to the United States and began a new life.  I feel an inner awareness now of a new cycle opening, another turn taking place and co-creating a new website to feature my art earlier this year required a journey of reflection. What have I done since I left my career in the financial sector in Canada 13 years ago? What am I now offering, and to whom?

For years I longed to leave the work in finance.  It paid well and I loved the wonderful people I worked with… but something big was missing.savingPNG

Last night, as I stood at my easel, bringing a new painting to life, I looked at this sparkly new Buddha-like face emerging on the canvas in a portal of purples and blues. This morning when I got up I couldn’t wait to run downstairs to my basement studio to look at her again… a smiling starry creatrix looking down at a globe.  She seems to delight in a world she has created.  Her essence radiates galaxies and universes, exploding stars and …. stardust…

She is a formidable muse.  She is big.  She is all I longed for….

© Kathy Stanley