Happy Grand Square Summer Solstice!

Barbara Hand Clow’s phenomenal reading of this most auspicious Grand Summer Solstice. I wish you all many blessings during this potent cauldron of transformation. Take time to feel, breathe, and play with the earth today:

The Summer Solstice has arrived north of the Equator where it is time to breathe, relax, be sensual, and to become fully embodied. South of the Equator, it is the Winter Solstice where it is time to assess what you’ve created during the year, especially to consider your Spring Equinox intentions . . .

For those of us living in the north, our spring coincided with the opening stages of the Universal Underworld on March 9 (hereinafter the Universal). Experiencing the Days and Nights of the Universal during only 18 days is causing great changes in our personal and collective lives.

Thus, letting go and relaxing will be difficult this summer. For most people, it’s been hard not to be totally distracted with so much going on, so it could be easy to miss this summer’s potential to flesh out and deepen what we’ve been creating since March.

Yet, remember, you create your own reality, and the events in the outer world are deeply connected and inspired by what’s in your minds. Please take a look at your Spring Equinox intentions to assess how you are doing now, and also take note of the things that are popping into your life that you didn’t even plan on.

During such intense time acceleration, chaos is breaking out everywhere, since chaos is always part of new creation: The reorganization of the fractal fields creates exceedingly unexpected new things in your life.

We are in the middle of three eclipses from June 1 through July 1, 2011. The June 1 eclipse occurred during the Day Three sprouting phase of the Universal. . .
My reading for the March [spring] equinox suggested that the Universal would unfold amid an explosion of chaos: The equinox Sun in 0 Aries moved right to Uranus in 1 Aries soon after the equinox. Many planets were in Aries throughout the spring, so this hot astrological influence was right in tandem with the Mayan Calendar as usual.

Many of you are feeling quite disturbed and distressed right now, and during such great change, I find that deep reflection on personal growth in light of events in the collective world is essential. As humans, we keep our sanity by maintaining some kind of logical explanation for what’s going on in our world, and Carl Calleman’s thesis on the Mayan Calendar certainly helps. [I, for one, cannot imagine comprehending our times right now without Calleman’s idea! I’m going to continue this site through the Winter Solstice 2012 mostly to reflect upon the nature of the new world that will be emerging after the end of the tun-based Calendar, October 28, 2011.] Right now, we are in the end of Night Three (Day Four opens June 25), and we are beginning to see the real implications of the Day Three sprouting: The Middle East is being totally reshaped by revolution; many countries, besides Japan, are seeking ways to shut down their nuclear reactors; and the world’s financial systems are tottering. Arresting one key player after another for sexual peccadilloes will not hide the truth.

Meanwhile, the only thing that matters is how you live your life. Who do you love now? Are you faithful and devoted to each person you are connected to? Are you ready, at a moment’s notice, to go right to those who need assistance from you? Do you trust the grand plan that is unfolding no matter what will happen in your personal life? During times like 2011, heroes are made. Or, are you sitting around groaning and waiting for the end of the world while you are doing nothing in your own life? I suppose if I could make a film that would characterize the current scene, it would be titled Waiting for Nibiru. Ironically, in the middle of silly apocalyptical fear, a popular film is popping up titled Tree of Life, and my dear friend Brian Swimme has announced his monumental film, The Universe Story, which premieres in September 2011! Surely we are living in a time of miracles! We are all invited to observe in wonder, breathe deeply, and enjoy the show!
This Summer Solstice chart is very musical, like an early medieval madrigal; when the theme of one planet is played, all the other planets sing along. This is because many planets are in a 0 to 10 degree range causing many more multiple aspects than usual. The Sun in 0 Cancer, for example, is exactly 30 degrees from Mars, while sextiling Jupiter; squaring Uranus; trining Neptune, Chiron, and Moon; and opposing Pluto! Quite a potent entry into summer, wouldn’t you agree? The other notable character in this chart is its director-Saturn; he stands alone by the rising of the Washington, DC chart, while the other bodies are in a wide “bucket” with Saturn as the handle. Saturn directs the field of an impressive Grand Square involving Mercury/Sun in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn went direct on June 12 and is now moving forward to cross the 1776 USA Saturn on August 28 . . .

The Moon passes over Neptune/Chiron just before the Solstice, which means that we all will be experiencing acute emotional healing crises while the structures of the last 5,125 years crash and burn. Since Saturn is in Libra, this is the grand balancing, the grand culling. What could this be? For me, if we are in our hearts and coming from our hearts, we will exist in universal peace and joy. Those who are hard-hearted will be part of the culling. We are moving out of Homo Agressus into Homo Pacem; you are either a warrior or a peacemaker. It is each person’s choice, it always was, yet now the field is shifting to peace and harmony.

We begin with the Sun moving into Cancer as a focus. Engaged in multiple aspects, its agenda is to seek comfort, joy, security, and nurturance. Mercury is 10 degrees just past the Sun, and so the Sun in Cancer comprehends itself and knows it wants total and enveloping nurturance. The Sun feels its power because it resonates freely with Mars in 0 Gemini, and the Sun is expanded and stabilized by a sextile from Jupiter in 3 Taurus (exact on June 25). Jupiter in Taurus is grounded and wise, so this sextile to the Sun (with Mars activating their midpoint) is like the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. Yet, as the Sun in Cancer sextiling Jupiter in Taurus lilts along, the Sun is kicked in the butt by a square from Uranus in 4 Aries (exact on June 26). Since the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in 6 Capricorn (exact on June 27), Uranus sits at the top of a T-square to Sun opposite Pluto. This tense T-square occurs while Uranus-square-Pluto is in close orb, so this summer will express the early stages of seven Uranus squares to Pluto that will come in 2012 and last until 2015. Described simply, this T-square suggests that this summer is when everyone on the planet will realize that the classic old ways are not coming back. Then Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries makes this T-square into a cardinal Grand Square, which anchors the shift into new realities. The exact aspects to the Sun and other planets go off like time-released capsules through June 27, so the new themes will be complex as well as very apparent-since Mercury is a strong player in the Grand Square.

As our species evolves with new cultural ways, old security blankets have to go. The most amazing thing about this Solstice chart is that it even indicates what the new patterns may be. The Sun in 0 Cancer exactly trines Neptune retrograde in 1 Pisces, which is close to Chiron in 5 Pisces; and the Moon in 10 Pisces has just passed over Neptune and Chiron. This is an exquisitely subtle planetary and lunar dance, like a sweet little Irish jig that dangles our future right in front of our noses. This Cancer/Pisces trine says it’s time to heal (Chiron) our separation from spirit (Neptune), and the way to do it is to open our hearts (Sun/Mercury trine Moon). The most profound Cherokee teaching is in the stories about the “Two-Hearted’s.” From these stories, I learned that my people (Cherokee and Celtic) have endured because we live in our hearts no matter what the two-hearted ones-the conquerors-did to our people. We have endured; they never penetrated and split our hearts. And now, during this beautiful summer season, the end of dominant cruelty is coming for all of us.

No matter where I go in this marvelous Solstice chart, one theme just resonates with the next one. Using the Moon in Pisces as our focus, notice how she conjuncts Chiron/Neptune; exact trines Mercury in Cancer; squares Venus in 14 Gemini (exact about 8 hours after the Solstice); is exact quincunx Saturn in 10 Libra; and sextiles Pluto in 6 Capricorn. What does all this mean? Aspects to the Moon modulate our feelings, our hearts. Thus, the Moon with Chiron/Neptune means we are healers of the spiritual heart, and the trine to Mercury and the Sun in Cancer says our sense of self-knowing (Sun) is highly intelligent and evolved (Mercury). The lunar square to Venus in 14 Gemini may indicate this summer will be a time of female revolt in the bedroom. This may be the ultimate moment when men have to stop “warring and whoring” because the goddess refuses any more male-dominant abuse. Knowing the goddess, this aspect may also be played out through weather, such as with hurricanes.

Finally, the Moon’s exact quincunx to Saturn in Libra and her sextile to Pluto in Capricorn is simply stunning, repeating what I said before: the structures of the National and Planetary Underworlds are going out of form because nobody believes in them anymore. This message will be even stronger when people realize the gold has been stripped out of Fort Knox!

Using Jupiter as the focus, this great god of abundance sextiles the Sun in Cancer and Neptune/Chiron, and trines Pluto in Capricorn. This is a really dynamic configuration that offers great physical support for the great process of letting go of everything we have ever known or experienced. Grounded and solid Jupiter says our belief in ourselves as a species (Sun) is the source of our survival, and we can do this by activating our healing heart. With Jupiter in Taurus trining Pluto in Capricorn-two earth signs-we are reminded that the biological structures of Earth have gone extinct and then rejuvenated many times, and life has continued to evolve. This time is no different, yet because of the sextiles and trines to Neptune/Chiron/Moon, the human heart is the survivor this time. Trust in your feelings this summer, since they may be all you have! Also, Jupiter sextiling Moon/Chiron/Neptune forms a Yod to Saturn in Libra, and this empowers Saturn to balance and structure our feelings, so that we can utilize all of their great potential.

Now it is time to see things from Saturn’s view, and suddenly we really see that this is a Grand Square Solstice. Saturn in 10 Libra opposes Uranus in 4 Aries, and they are in Grand Square to Mercury/Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn in Libra exactly squares Mercury in 10 Cancer, which may be the most intriguing exact square in this chart. I left reading the Grand Square until now because I wanted you to feel some of the other aspects before putting the exact Mercury square Saturn into focus. Grand Squares are my favorite configuration because they always get the job done. Like the exact aim of GPS, they have amazing powers to alter the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fields forever. This Grand Square during a seasonal shift means that after the summer of 2011 (which winter 2011 down south), we will think of history as before and after this moment. This Grand Square says: Our search for comprehending (Mercury) safety and nurturance (Sun in Cancer) occurs amidst radical change and disruption (Pluto), which is triggered by shifts in the fractal fields (Uranus), that all formulate into cellular homeostasis (balancing by Saturn’s laws). Then the exact square of Mercury to Saturn shines the light on our human mentality, which means it’s time to nurture the exquisite powers of our intelligence. Because the Mayan Calendar has been revealed just in time, its message is to trust Nature and the workings of the World Tree, our magnificent guide through the Universal Underworld.
Finally, let’s note that we have clever Mars in 0 Gemini-in exact square to Nepture in Pisces-telling us how to act! Neptune is in retrograde and will move back into Aquarius in August until February 2012, when we can be sure the 2012 apocalyptical fools will be predicting doom and gloom. So, with Neptune in early activation of his role as the ultimate high spirituality (Gnosis), Mars moves into Gemini and quickens Neptune to the max; and Uranus is in sextile within the square, making sure that transformation is total. I would strongly suggest you review all of the successful spiritual tools you’ve already garnered because you are going to need them. Mars exactly squares Neptune in this chart, which means waves of enlightenment will be sweeping the fields of our planet. Remember to sit in lotus and accept this joy, and then you won’t care whether the gold is in Fort Knox or floating in the atmosphere of Nibiru! Read Barbara Hand Clow’s full post here.

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