Political Astrology and the Wisconsin Union Protests

Wisconsin Union Protests

Nancy’s Starlight News Blog is a fascinating political astrology website that “connects the dots in world affairs.” Her latest post titled “Civil War 2.0” looks at the Wisconsin Union protests which are illustrating the very real threats to democracy emerging in this country. Why should a state’s budget be balanced on the backs of the middle class, teachers and the working poor, while tax breaks are given to the rich and corporations? Watch the Rachel Maddow Show and The Ed Show on MSNBC for the real information on this. You won’t find it on CNN or other mainstream media outlets that don’t pay attention to the underlying corporate/GOP agenda operating here. Wisconsin did not have a budget deficit until the new Governor decided to give tax breaks to corporations. Hello. Now he is attempting to bust unions and plead that he must balance the deficit by cutting salaries and benefits for middle income and poor families.  As Nancy succinctly puts it, “a large section of the population has been duped by an avalanche of lies, many of which manipulate and agitate latent themes of victimization, powerlessness, and rage.”

America, this is your wake up call.

Nancy’s Starlight News blog covers these issues from an astrological perspective. From her latest post:

As the Middle East is convulsing in a huge swath of violent confrontation with protesters across thousands of miles standing up to their oppressive governments, America may be experiencing the first skirmish in its own building civil war. The battle lines drawn in Wisconsin, and developing in Ohio and other Republican-led states, are ostensibly over union rights. Republicans want to cripple public sector unions by ending their right to collective bargaining, while Democrats are fighting to maintain this hard-fought right, understanding it as the last bulwark of workers’ power needed to protect workers’ interests.
This highly-charged confrontation may prove to be the first of many battles over a large assortment of issues in the coming five or six years. But the underlying war is being waged between two completely different and increasingly unyielding versions of reality, leading to diametrically opposed policy solutions by their proponents. It seems likely that partisans in both camps feel strongly that their side is the true one and the other is misguided at best or, more likely, narrowly self-interested or even malevolent. It is my own opinion, however, that powerful economic interests mostly hidden from view are actually pulling the strings, and a large section of the population has been duped by an avalanche of lies, many of which manipulate and agitate latent themes of victimization, powerlessness, and rage.
The national conversation on most issues echoes the two opposing political perspectives, giving equal weight to each. More often than not, however, this discussion is a distraction from the underlying truth. If one looks at the Republican side of every argument, the real beneficiaries are the large corporate interests who donate to right-wing politicians and who subsidize a blizzard of propaganda through astro-turf interest groups, through well-publicized but very controversial “scientific findings”, through special interest advertising, and, of course, through FOX news.
Let us remember that it is big oil that pays for the bogus global-warming-is-a-hoax studies. Let us remember it was the defense industry that benefited from the false weapons-of-mass- destruction excuse for the Iraq War. Let us consider how the health care and insurance industries fought the health care legislation and benefited from the false “death panel” fear-mongering and other nonsense put forth during the health care debate. Let us understand that it is Corporate America and the super wealthy that benefit from the repeatedly disproven lies about how low taxes and deregulation strengthen the economy. And finally, let us remember that it is Corporate America that benefits from crushing unions, the last hold-out of big Democratic spending, so that their Republican patsies can pass corporate-friendly legislation with less and less opposition. It is likely that most Republicans who take the corporate side in these arguments believe the arguments they spout in defense of their policies, but that is nothing more than a tribute to the success of the billions of dollars the global corporations have poured into convincing and subsidizing them.
From an astrological perspective, the next six years will see many more battles in this highly partisan American civil war, as well as significant global upheaval and transformation due to environmental, political, economic, and social factors. We are already feeling the building tensions of the very volatile Uranus/Pluto square (active from 2011 through 2016, exact from 2012 through 2015), as evidenced across the Middle East and, now, in Wisconsin. Generally speaking, this planetary configuration describes a revolutionary fervor among large groups of people attempting to break the hold of powerful institutional and vested interests on their lives. It is useful to remember the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the 1960’s included the tumultuous Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Liberation Movement, the anti-war movement, the birth of the hippie/drug culture, and the shattering and culturally-altering assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. The coming square is likely to bring equally powerful societal upheaval and change in the US, especially since the Uranus/Pluto square will be in an exact aspect to the US Sun in 2014. Read the rest of her post here.

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