Transformation on the January New Moon/Solar Eclipse

The New Moon that occurred on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 was very potent and I have been struck by the incredible transformation story of the homeless man, Ted Williams, with the gifted radio voice who overnight became a media sensation – on the Solar Eclipse!

This man’s astrological chart must be strongly impacted by the solar eclipse and it is truly a wonderful feel good story.  I saw him interviewed on tv last night and he struck me as having a lot of heart. I wish him all the best in coping with his new found fame and in a smooth transition to this new phase in his life. See the interview with him here.

Barbara Hand Clow’s reading for this very potent January New Moon/Solar Eclipse is worth reading for insight into what’s happening now:

This year’s New Moon in Capricorn is a solar eclipse, which is radically intensified by the final Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that follows by a few hours. Every winter, the New Moon in Capricorn encourages us to ground ourselves and to get real about all the changes we’ve made since the March Equinox. This is especially important because the previous Sagittarius lunation was chaotic and transformational, with Uranus going direct right afterward. Globally, people made courageous economic and political changes while nature delivered great storms in the US and Europe that stopped people in their tracks. Now it is time to personally integrate this greatly altered landscape. This will not be a simple task because many people seem to feel like they are lost in 3D and spinning out into other dimensions. They struggle to grasp the implications of the great changes that flooded in around the time of the lunar eclipse on the Galactic Center at the December Solstice. You may feel this way..

I see many signs that people are being more strongly affected by forces from other dimensions. However, we all must frame these great reality shifts and make them part of our everyday lives. With Jupiter conjunct Uranus just a few hours after the solar eclipse, transformation will lead the charge when we attempt to ground ourselves. This final conjunction in Pisces closely squares the Galactic Center, so these changes are very spiritual and they us with changes throughout the universe. A great storm has erupted on Saturn, and scientists are concerned that some strange force or particle coming from the Sun has recently altered the radioactive decay constant used for Carbon-14 dating. (See Ian O’Neill, “Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle?”, Discovery News.) Terrance Aym of Project World Awareness says about this finding, “Some evidence of time dilation has been gleaned from close observation of the decay rate.” Are we on the verge of science finding measurable evidence for time acceleration?

Meanwhile, political and financial events since the inception of Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld are verifying Carl Calleman’s Mayan Calendar timing. During the previous Sagittarius lunation, Uranus going direct after the New Moon triggered a sea of change; and now Jupiter-conjunct-Uranus during this New Moon will have a domino effect on these processes. Since early November, extremely intense winter weather has been challenging Europe while Europeans are in the middle of multiple financial difficulties. The polarized political system in the US suddenly released during the US elections in early November, and then Congress passed a series of critical bills in mid-to-late December. During this period, WikiLeaks disrupted global diplomatic efforts. A most amazing eclipse photo showed the eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius touching the pyramid on top of the Washington Monument. (December 22, 2010, LA Times, A-18.) This photo suggests that the US is the focus of change now. Neptune-conjunct-Chiron has been on the 1776 USA Moon for almost two years, reminding us that the changes are healing, spiritual, and often inspired by America ideals.

The events inspired by the total lunar eclipse right before the December Solstice were stunning in the US Congress. First the House passed a controversial taxation bill that extended George Bush’s budget-busting tax cuts. Then a few days after that, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was revoked, so that gay people can serve openly in the military. As if hypnotized by Luna’s evocative powers a few days later, the Congress ratified the START II Treaty, and the Soviets followed suit just before Christmas. Diplomatic secrets revealed by WikiLeaks made the military look ridiculous when they lamely tried to convince the public they were winning the war in Afghanistan. Concurrently, major European allies of the US announced massive defense cuts based on new plans to pool their resources. These countries are right on the midline of the World Tree as defined by Carl Calleman, which is an early sign that world peace is descending. (See Henry Chu, “Defense Cuts May Downsize Europe’s Clout”, December 5, 2010, LA Times, A-1.)

To sum up these great shifts, just when the Europeans passed austerity measures that caused riots in their own streets, the US passed deficit-spending measures while printing more and more money. Rich Americans went on shopping binges while poor and middle class Americans lost their homes and jobs. European streets were filled with fire and angry rioters while American streets were filled with tired and hungry families. This outrageous level of change was driven by Uranus going direct and will settle into new strains of societal movements when Uranus conjuncts Jupiter. These changes will be exponential when Jupiter goes into Aries on January 22 and Uranus on March 13-two signature forces of the Universal Underworld.

Jupiter conjuncting Uranus in Pisces and squaring the Galactic Center heralds the spiritual transformation of the whole world. For example, many people are worried that the weather in Northern Europe signals the weakening or shutdown of the North Atlantic Current, which could be the beginning of a new ice age. Financially, the Global Elite acts like there is no tomorrow, so who knows what they really know? Maybe there has been secret diplomatic chatter about the disruption of ocean currents that needs to be public. Whatever is going on, people like Julian Assange courageously fight for truth in government and in the media. I think the public deserves to have the truth about climate issues so they can take measures based on good information.

Given the direness of these issues, my reading for the Capricorn New Moon emphasizes practicality, which is the essence of Capricorn. No matter what we will experience this year, we are making great evolutionary leaps. We have to turn to what works now, which will happen while Pluto is in Capricorn until 2024. I put emphasis on the US because the rest of the world needs to see that America and American culture is not going to solve the problems. When Neptune/Chiron move off the USA Moon in early February, America will soon cease to be thought of as the world’s healer and spiritual guide. Americans used to think their opulent lifestyle ought to be supported by the Third World people, and now it looks like Americans think the Europeans ought to support their energy-guzzling lifestyle! This is not what’s happening. One positive move toward global equality is the agreement on the START II Treaty, which means the Soviets will not be forced into another arms race.

The New Moon in 14 Capricorn squares Saturn in 17 Libra, which means the world is in the mood for hard work, discipline, and tough decisions. This square could trigger a global financial reckoning. We will know a lot more about financial conditions by observing what happens with Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus a few hours after the New Moon, which will create transformational financial events throughout this lunation. Uranus direct right after the previous New Moon pushed many stuck things into monumental change modes. These processes will accelerate when Uranus goes into Aries right after the Universal Underworld begins on March 9. The astrological synchronicities with the Days and Nights of the Nine Underworlds suggest that the changes we are experiencing are actually very positive. [See The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind.]

As Jupiter conjuncts Uranus during the New Moon, Venus in 27 Scorpio is in a close trine, so the feminine principle is deeply involved in the spiritual transformations. The American housing debacle is causing many people to consolidate and move in together. Many are finding that being close and working together is safe and fun, a good example of feminine ways eroding the old male-dominant paradigm; these humane ways will grow and grow. I encourage you to economize and to accelerate your social networking and community planning. Venus sextiles Mars in Capricorn, and so both men and women are enthusiastically making these changes.

Read the rest of her report here.

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