Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice December 21, 2010

All the astrologers are writing about this phenomenal lunar eclipse coming up on December 21, 2010, just before the potent Winter Solstice occurring on December 22, 2010.

Barbara Hand Clow, a gifted astrologer with whom I have done several workshops writes in her Astroflash post:

This year’s solstice period is extremely potent: The Sun moves into Capricorn about fifteen hours after an extremely close lunar eclipse in 29 Gemini, which puts the opposing Sun in 29 Sagittarius very close to the Galactic Center, where Mercury sits exactly conjunct. The close lunar eclipse just before the Solstice has an enormous impact on this year’s formative solar entry into Capricorn. . . . This solstice chart is not an easy one, and not an energy configuration that fosters contemplation; we are being called instead to action. It suggests we will have a difficult period of facing hard truths and many challenges, and that deep compassion will be needed. Regarding issues like our liberty and the TSA, Mars/Pluto opposite the Moon in Cancer means we will not allow ourselves to be abused. The WikiLeaks will just keep on coming until politicians return to serving the people openly. Cholera in the Caribbean will force the US to face its darkest shadow-endemic racism since its founding-and there was a previous Saturn return in Libra right at the end of the Civil War. Saturn in Libra says it is time to demand justice and fairness, and Venus in Scorpio expresses the deep feelings that we all carry. This is going to be a period that calls for bravery and honesty, careful attention to our loved ones, and trust for each other as we learn to flow together instead of always demanding the lead. It is time to see that we need each other, now more than ever.  Read her full report here.

Mark Dodich, a well known Portland, Oregon astrologer writes this about the Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice cauldron:

The Full Moon on the 21st is also a Lunar Eclipse (30 degrees Gemini at 12:13 AM PST). This is followed at 3:39 PM by Winter Solstice. This is important because it is the first of a series of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius, and it is amplified by the solstice. Open to prophetic insights that will take hold in your life beginning next March. The eclipses have been in safe and conservative Cancer and Capricorn since the summer of 2009. The tone is very definitely changing to a more adaptable and changeable approach to life. Pay attention to any feelings of restlessness or the desire to relocate, change jobs, or seek new relationships. Charts for both the full moon and winter solstice indicate that you will be putting all aspects of your life into an integrated whole in the months ahead. This is a nice way of saying that you will initially feel like you are being drawn and quartered in many directions at once! Invest some time in opening to a greater set of possibilities. If you have been feeling limited by life, then it is time to recognize that the Universe is unlimited.  Tap into that energy to remember that you have many more options than you are seeing right now. Make room for that mustard seed-sized space for miracles! Go to Mark’s website here.

Whatever manifests for us personally and collectively with these potent alignments in the heavens, I wish for everyone a blessed period of growth, upliftment and manifestation of our higher purposes.  I am already starting to feel the effects of this upcoming period of energy coming into my awareness and it is manifesting for me partly with the urging to get this spiritual blog up and running.  It has been germinating now for a while, on the back-burner of my consciousness and all of a sudden, I am feeling this pressing need to put out here all the wonderful resources on a metaphysical and spiritual level that I have been blessed to receive in my own spiritual life.    Happy Winter Solstice everyone. . .

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